What if you could finally feel in control of your health, your life and its direction?  
How could you enhance your experience of your own life?
Do you want to stop just surviving and start thriving in all areas of your life?

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LIW's LIVE WELL program is a comprehensive approach toward health & well-being that promotes consistency & sustainability toward achieving your health improvement goals.  


A physician-developed, physician led COACHING program encompassing the necessary foundational tenets of
optimal well-being.


* Our programs are FSA/HSA elligible!

Many people wish they had more time to spend with their doctor discussing issues that really matter to them

A health coaching program with experienced physicians will give you just that

Lost in the deluge of health information out there, questioning what you should trust, and wondering how much of it is actually based on science, data and sound medical thinking

Does this sound familiar?

And at the end of the day, all you really want is to be the best version of yourself, to shed the parts of you that are not serving you and to regain control of your health...and your life.


There are certain things standing in the way of you living your best life but you don't know what they are or how to move past them


Neglecting parts of your health, knowing that this is not sustainable for the long term, but you're unsure of how to fix it


Feel like a passive bystander in your own life and secretly know that the path you are on is unsustainable and breaking you down

On the Sidelines

Believe us when we say we get it... because we’ve been exactly where you are right now.

The thing is, we've spent years leading teams on the front lines of emergency medicine, while juggling our family, 4 kids and trying to find time to work on ourselves and our own personal missions. 

We know what it's like to push yourself to do more, achieve more, and work harder, sometimes at the expense of your own health and well-being. 
We know how it feels to work so hard to get where you are, but to still feel like something's missing.  

But, you know what?...

You can call upon tools that you have at your disposal right now to finally achieve a state of alignment in your health, happiness and effectiveness.  

You are capable of improving your health and well-being and can start adding quality life to your days, your months, your years.  

You can get clear on your goals, MITIGATE the LONGTERM EFFECTS OF STRESS, regain your energy and reclaim time with your loved ones without sacrificing your hard earned success.   


  • Have command over what actually drives you from your core and feel in control of your life and its direction

  • Understand your sources of chronic stress and be able to manage them successfully

  • Identify and improve the parts of you that have been pushed aside for far too long 

  • Discover what truly brings you joy and fulfillment and be present in the moments of your life

  • Come home and truly unplug, untethered from your devices, free to unwind without guilt

  • Live your life with clear purpose and direction and stop feeling like you're merely drifting through each day

  • Live your life with clear purpose and direction and stop feeling like you're merely drifting through each day

All of that CAN be your reality thanks to a proven, comprehensive approach to better well-being

Which can only be found inside of…



LIVE WELL is the missing link that will help you finally achieve consistency and sustainability toward reaching your health improvement goals.  You get access to science-based strategies, and all of the tools, accountability, AND support that you need to build the foundation for self-awareness, healthy living and longevity.  

WHO are we TO TEACH YOU HOW TO live healthier, longer, with greater fulfillment and effectiveness? 

We've taken everything that we learned on our journey and put it into LIVE WELL because it’s exactly what we wish we had when we were overwhelmed and out of balance. 

It’s our mission to help as many people as possible connect, explore and expand their health in a more holistic and comprehensive way by simply focusing on what works.

We'd love to share what we've learned and help you truly LIVE WELL. 

Hi, we're Drs. Laura & Parker Hays

In one of the most burnout prone professions, we have performed under extreme stress and experienced firsthand just how fragile one's health can be.

Pushing ourselves to exhaustion, neglecting warning signs from our own bodies and all-consumed by stress, we realized that what we were doing was not sustainable for the long term.

We were determined to find a better way toward balance, peace and longevity, focusing on core elements of well-being.   

I am ready!

Laura Hays, MD fACEP & Parker Hays, MD FACEP

"Highly recommended for anyone who feels like their life is flying by and still has so much they want to do."

Shawn B.

"An approachable, digestible program that covers A LOT of important stuff."

Robert L.

"Finally, doctors talking about the things that truly matter...and actually listening!"

Rebecca H.

"I feel more connected to myself, my family and have a fresh outlook on my future."

Dave T.

"This program was the perfect reset I needed."

Katherine A. 

Testimonials like these are exactly why we created live well. are You ready for results like this?

It includes a combination of recorded modules, worksheets, journal prompts, guided meditations and
(3) private, virtual 1:1 sessions.

Here’s what you’ll learn on the inside:

The 6 Elements


Establishing Healthy Habits:
Functional Fitness & Nutrition

Burnout, Sleep
& Recovery

& Longevity

& Core Values




Combine the three columns from this chart here for each week! Watch the offer over-the-shoulder tutorial for an example of how to do this.

Module Name Goes Here


At LIW we believe that self-awareness is the FOUNDATION for all things health and well-being.  In our first week together, you will start to expand your awareness, uncover your core values and get clearer on where you are and where you want to be.  



Your mind and body are in constant communication.  Learn how to tune in to your unique signals, interpret their meanings and utilize your innate tools to mitigate stress and take control of your health and well-being. 

Mind Body Connection


Combine the three columns from this chart here for each week! Watch the offer over-the-shoulder tutorial for an example of how to do this.

Module Name Goes Here


How can you live healthier longer, continue to do all the things you need to do and want to do?  In week 3 we will teach you the science behind aging, the secrets to longevity and provide you with tangible steps toward improving your healthspan. 

Aging & Longevity


Functional fitness and mindful nutrition are two crucial elements of health and well-being.   In week 4 you will evaluate your current physical health needs, desires and set realistic, achievable goals.   

Establishing Healthy Habits


Combine the three columns from this chart here for each week! Watch the offer over-the-shoulder tutorial for an example of how to do this.

Module Name Goes Here


Sleep is essential.  Allowing yourself time to rest, practicing healthy reset and recovery will promote ongoing sustainability and future success.  Learn how to improve your sleep, harness its beneficial effects and recover to promote better resilience and performance. 

Burnout, Sleep & Recovery


Now that you have a more comprehensive view of your health and a clearer picture of your future goals, how can you be sure that what you're doing will be sustainable for the long run?  We wrap up our program with a focus on longterm growth and optimization.  


6 Modules - lifetime access

Here's what to expect


You will schedule (3) private coaching sessions with either Dr. Laura or Dr. Parker where we will take a focused approach to your personal health and well-being, identify gaps and goals & work with you to develop a sustainable path forward.  We ask that you schedule these within 8 weeks of starting the program.

(3) PRIVATE one-on-one


Each week's module contains various worksheets and journal prompts designed to help you explore the concepts you learn, expand your self-awareness and prepare us for our live sessions.

Worksheets & Journaling


We will provide email support for you to ask questions, communicate needs and check-in with you on your journey.  We will respond to emails M-F between 9a - 4p. 

Email Support


You're busy, things come up.  This program is designed to be flexible, digestible and approachable.
While we encourage you to complete the modules in 6-8 weeks, you will have ongoing access to worksheets, journal prompts and meditations

deeper understanding of your health & its trajectory

On the other side of LIVE WELL, you’ll experience results like:

Ability to interpret your body's signals & recognize potential fail points

More meaningful connections with the people you love

Healthier habits that encourage greater longevity

enhanced ability to recognize & manage chronic stress & mitigate its longterm effects

greater strength, confidence & resiliency



You'll get access to: 

(6) Online modules

(3) Private 1:1 coaching sessions

Email support M-F

Meditations, worksheets, and journaling prompts

Lifetime access to materials 

Scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your contact information to book a call with us. 

Here's How it Works...

Step 01:

Within 15 minutes you will receive an email confirmation (please check your spam folder if you don't see it!)

Step 02:

Add it to your calendar and show up ready to start focusing on YOU!

Step 03:

You know which option I’m voting for. Because...

In 2 weeks, you could have a better understanding of what your biggest health challenges are and a clearer plan to overcome them.

In 1 month, you could be creating healthy habits that will mitigate the long-term effects of stress, reducing anxiety and improving your health.  

And in 2 months, you could be more present and re-engaged with your family, free from guilt and consistently showing up as the best version of yourself.  

But that’s ONLY IF you choose option 2 and make the choice to stop just surviving and star thriving in ALL areas of your life.   We are here and ready to help you with the tools, strategies, accountability, AND support that you need to be YOUR BEST inside LIVE WELL!

Now you have two choices:

Close this page, stay in the grind, keep pushing forward,  ignoring the signs of stress, turning toward unhealthy coping mechanisms only to remain stuck on a path which you know is unsustainable or the longterm


Book a discovery call and learn how you can start focusing on what is truly important, learn a sustainable strategy to help you meet your goas and make decisions that will lead to a happier, more balanced, more fulfilled life. 


You might be wondering...

What if I don't have time to add another thing to my to-do list? 

Ultimately, you are in charge of you.  If you want to create positive change in your life, you'll have to be open-minded and willing to commit to new  ways of doing things.  You can't keep doing things the same way but expect different outcomes. 

We know that you're busy which is why we designed to the program to be highly flexible and efficient. 

People who join LIVE WELL discover more time and more energy for the things that truly matter.

What happens if I sign up for the program?

As soon as you enroll in LIVE WELL, you will receive an email with access to your client portal.  You will immediately gain access to the welcome module and week 1.  Then, every 7 days a new module will unlock.  You will have 8 weeks to schedule your 1:1 private sessions, then lifetime access to the content,  worksheets, prompts, meditations and suggested readings. 

What if I have a question along the way?  

We believe that connection is key.  We will be right there with you along your journey and accessible and responsive to any questions that come up along the way. 

Why can't I just ask my doctor about this stuff?

You certainly can!  In fact, we encourage you to do so.  Unfortunately, despite their intentions, many physicians simply do not have the time or resources to cover all of the necessary components of health and well-being. 

What if I'm pretty healthy already?

Many people feel like they are really kickin' *ss in some areas of their life, but most have some areas they'd like to improve upon.  In our private coaching sessions, we will uncover your unique strengths, weakness and most likely fail points, then help you create a sustainable plan moving forward.  

If you’re all the way at the bottom of this page, it means you’re having a hard time deciding whether or not LIVE WELL is right for you.

Here’s exactly how to know:

  • You are neglecting parts of your health but are unsure how to fix things
  • You know that some of your current ways & behaviors are not sustainable and you're open-minded to a new approach 
  • You have spent years sacrificing your health for your success and it's time to start putting yourself first
  • You are ready to reduce your stress, regain your energy and reclaim time with yourself and your loved ones
  • You are looking for ways to improve your life that will have lasting impact for you and those around you

is for you:

  • You are already showing up consistently as the best version of yourself in all life arenas
  • You're not ready to commit to deep self-discovery in order to truly self-improve
  • You enjoy feeling burned out, exhausted, overwhelmed and easily irritated
  • You don't have at least 1 hour per week to dedicate to the program
  • You don't believe in science or data driven research
  • You're 105 years old and still kickin' ass!

is not for you:

If you read through that list and you’re STILL unsure...

What would it feel like to wake up energized and in control of your life and its direction?

How would your life be different if anxiety and stress weren't so prominent and you had successful ways of managing them? 

What would you make space for if you weren't so exhausted and distracted all the time?

How would it feel to connect more deeply and meaningfully with the people in your life? 

So, what do you say??

Are you ready to level up your health & start living your best life?

Let's chat!