A direct decision step towards organizational well-being provides lasting return on investment (ROI) by being sustainable, visible, and demonstrable.

Prioritize your wellbeing
without sacrificing your success


Live Well

Lead Well

Are your employees:

Crushing it at work but their health or personal life is suffering? 
Disengaged from work?
Ready to create a better, sustainable version of themselves?

LIW's Live Well to Lead Well program is comprehensive, customized & goes beyond the basics of typical employee wellness & leadership development initiatives.


A physician-developed, physician led program encompassing 6 essential elements of optimal well-being.


62% of employees & 82% of the c-suite would be more likely to stay with their company if it better supported their well-being.  ~ Deloitte, 2022

  • Although well-being is highly valued from employees to the C-suite, workforce well-being is declining. 

  • 8 of 10 employees report struggling to improve their well-being, and 75% of the C-suite say they're seriously considering quitting for a job that would better support their well-being. *

  • Most employee health/wellness programs are incomplete.  A large gap exists between health screenings or leadership seminars and well-being

  • Executives are at risk of disengagement, decreased effectiveness, and burnout. 

Why: The problem

  • Leaders want information based in actual science, delivered by a trusted professional source.

  • Organizations require direct and decisive steps toward well-being.

  • A legitimate, physician-led program that is comprehensive, customized, and goes beyond the basics is next-level and results in better return on investment (ROI) for the individual and the organization. 

what: The Solution

  • Lasting Impact Wellness Group (LIW) was founded by two award-winning emergency physicians with decades of leadership and mentoring who are also certified coaches with specialized expertise in mindfulness, yoga, aging and longevity.

  • Our programs result in greater overall mindfulness, healthy durable lifestyle changes, improved resistance to stress and burnout and increased engagement.

  • 8 week or multi-day intensives, or “built for you” programs, as well as individual presentations that can elevate existing organization efforts. 

How: The method 


Your Physician Leaders

Hi, we’re Drs. Laura & Parker Hays. We’ve spent years leading teams on the frontlines of emergency medicine while caring for countless patients, their families and ourselves. In one of the most burn-out prone professions, we have learned how to quiet the noise, focus on the greater mission and prioritize our own health and well-being.

Within the chaotic, stressful, dynamic environment of the emergency department, we understand the nuances of successful leadership, effective communication and self-sacrifice.

Having front row seats to burnout & dis-ease, we have made it our mission to help other leaders improve their own health and well-being without sacrificing their success. We strive to help organizations thrive and grow with team members who are fulfilled both professionally and personally.

Your health is more than just the absence of disease, just as your company’s success is more than just a bottom line.

Let us help you Live Well to Lead Well and show yourself and your people that they truly matter.

THE 6 elements


Establishing Healthy Habits:
Functional Fitness & Nutrition

Burnout, Sleep
& Recovery

& Longevity

& Core Values



Expanding self-awareness leads to improved relationships, better communication and stronger leadership.

Connecting to what drives you at your core aligns your actions with your values and improves engagement, enhances job satisfaction and boosts performance. 

Exploring the mind-body connection and incorporating sustainable practices in a way that is empowering and meaningful leads to better clarity and focus and reduces burnout. 

3 Reasons Why
our Program Works