In our fast-paced world, where productivity often takes precedence over rest, the importance of sleep for overall well-being cannot be overstated. From improved cognitive function to better emotional resilience, quality rest is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. Before we delve into the benefits of sleep, let’s understand the mechanics of the sleep cycle. Sleep […]

Sleep Shmeep or Counting Sheep?  The Power of Quality Rest

Dr. Laura Hays joins us for a conversation to share her experience in an incredibly high-stress role as an emergency room physician, especially during the pandemic, and how her exceptional leadership skills were instrumental in maintaining the effectiveness and integrity of her team during the pandemic. She is a dynamic speaker, podcaster, certified physician, coach, […]

Dr. Laura Martelly Hays MD, FACEP, Board-Certified Emergency Physician, Co-founder of Lasting Impact Wellness Group PLLC, Health & Well-Being Coach & Consultant

Are you struggling to stay healthy and optimize your physical and mental health? In this video, I’m joined by Dr. Parker Hays, M.D., to discuss the importance of sustainable wellness. Dr. Hays is a specialist in healthy living and will share with you everything you need to know about staying healthy and optimizing your physical […]

How To Optimize Your Physical and Mental Health: Sustainable Wellness, with Dr. Parker Hays, M.D.

Medical imaging has revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions, offering healthcare professionals invaluable insights (pun intended) into the human body’s inner workings. From broken bones, infections to tumors, medical imaging modalities play a crucial role in detecting, diagnosing, and monitoring diseases.  Sometimes, your physician may order a specific test but you may […]

The What’s What of Medical Imaging Modalities: Understanding CT, MRI, and More (Dr. Laura Hays)

As we ring in the new year, we bid farewell to the old and welcome a fresh start.  Perhaps we can find some blank pages awaiting the details of our next chapters. How will your story go? Do you have ambitions and dreams that are yet to be realized? As the author of your life […]

Embracing a Fresh Start: Navigating the New Year with Purpose (Dr. Laura Hays)

Dr. Laura Hays is a distinguished board-certified emergency physician, a dynamic speaker and podcaster, and a certified coach. Her extensive experience as an emergency physician, coupled with her expertise in yoga and coaching, offers a unique perspective on well-being and leadership. Her practice focuses on body awareness and how breathing, meditation, and physical postures can […]

Strategies to Prevent Burnout w/ Dr. Laura Hays, MD

n the second part of our enlightening conversation with Dr. Parker Hays, we delve deeper into the practical aspects of achieving optimal health and longevity. This episode focuses on Dr. Hays’ unique perspectives on functional fitness, the invaluable lessons from his ER experiences, and the broader implications of living a longer, healthier life. Key Topics: […]

The Path to Peak Health: Dr. Parker Hays on Functional Fitness, ER Wisdom & the Art of Living Well